Find your perfect coliving crew!

Available for iOS and Android in early 2020

Let’s focus on the people!

We at HEYANNA believe that the people are the ones who shape a beautiful coliving crew unique. That’s why we put you first - always.

1. Create

Connect your social profiles, select your vibe, record a story. We help you create the best digital first impression ever - and how cool is video anyhow? Say goodbye to boring text...

2. Match

Shuffle through the cards and say HEY! to your next crewee or crew! It has never been more easy, fast and fun.

3. Cast

HEYANNA makes it super easy and secure for crewees and crews to communicate with each other through our secure and fun chat. Let’s get to know this new match!

Enjoy the beauty of coliving

Enjoy the true beauty of coliving with flatmates you love and unique adventures to come

Share your cards!

We’ve heard you! You're only one click away from sharing your awesome HEYANNA Story Cards to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and even LinkedIn. Stand out with your unique HEYANNA Story Cards and find that next crew or crewee in the blink of an eye!

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