Find your perfect CoLiving Crew

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Coming to you this summer!

We will launch with our app in July 2019. HEYANNA is designed to provide the best possible quality of living by offering especially young professionals a great new CoLiving experience where people are put first. Until then you can already get early access with your existing CoLiving Crew or as a Crewee searching one. We aim to match the perfect crew based on personal interests as well as CoLiving preferences. By making it transparent and handling your data with care and an unique design we reimagine CoLiving together with you!

Find your perfect roommates

Provide little information in form of key characteristics about yourself and your preferences – both as a searchee and as CoLiving Crew members. The HEYANNA algorithm does the duty! Swipe through the matches and see at a glance who would complement the crew nicely or what crew you would feel comfortable in.

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A simplified and fun CoLiving experience

Our CoLiving Management Platform builds up the HEYANNA CoLiving Eco System where you can manage your crew. You can chat with each other via the app securely and with highest data privacy standards, have an automatically calculated overview of shared costs and easily book cleaning services or sign up for an insurance for your apartment. Above all, you can find the best deals for your apartment, create contracts digitally and much more.

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3 steps towards a delightful CoLiving Experience

Our HEYANNA app and algorithms simplifies CoLiving


Anna get's to know you and your preferences

In only three minutes we will get to know you with our well crafted algorithm. We will get to know your personality as well as your coliving preferences, but keep them secret, as no one likes personal data public. We will use this information to provide you good matches.


Create or find your perfect crew

Through a suitable redistribution of roommates people not only save money and time, but, above all, make new friends and feel cared for. You only share your preferences with each other, if both of you like each other.


Simplify your crew life with our tools

Our HEYANNA management platform and CoLiving eco-system helps you to manage your crew day to day. We provide digital cleaning schedules as well as cost splitting and helpful partner services.

HEYANNA is beautifully designed. Made by us for us, and now for you too

Join our early access
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Apply as a HEYANNA Crew

As an HY crew you will get early access to our app for free and we will provide you with premium services for free starting today

Apply as a HEYANNA Crew

Once you filled out the form you will get more information during the next couple of days


Crew Photoshooting

We will come to your flat in Mannheim or Heidelberg and make some kickass pictures of your crew and your flat. Professional Photos are never a bad idea.


Early App Access

We will get in touch with you once our app early access starts and you will be one of the first using it. Also you will be invited to our launch event and we will include you into the idea loop


Crewee Search Service

Our HEYANNA Crew will do their best to manually help you to find the perfect flatmate until our app launches. Starting today you can use our service to find your next flatmate

Our Crew

A diverse team, creating a solution for themselves and the world

I spend more than 4 weeks searching for a new crew. It's time for HEYANNA to reimagine CoLiving, by putting the focus on the people